Ticket Sales

You can sell tickets to your event through Coinevents.io. We take a 2% commission.

To sell tickets through us, when setting up an event add a ticket type with name, price, and capacity. If there are several ticket types, add them all as this also helps your event show up when people filter by price.

Ticket adding screen

The price is in USD which is approximately the same in the DAI crypto token. 1 USD ~ 1 DAI.

Payment Methods

Coinevents supports crypto and Paypal payments, including credit / debit cards.

Please note that due to us needing to collect fees, all payments arrive in the Coinevents.io accounts and are then forwarded to you on request. You as the organizer pay for any fees incurred by the fiat transfer. Crypto fees are covered by us.

The default currency is USD for fiat and DAI for crypto. If people pay with a non-USD card, Paypal will do the conversion for you. As the organizer, be prepared to absorb that cost. You can pay with any crypto token, Kyber (our crypto payment gateway) will auto-convert to DAI.

Because fees are smaller when paying with crypto, we recommend using that option at checkout every time. We also recommend you encourage your users and visitors to do the same. Let’s leave fiat behind.

For security reasons (because all payments go through us) we do not allow organizers to remove or refund payments or to delete events they submitted.

Coupon Codes

Our events support discount codes. Just tell us what codes and discount levels you’d like configured and we’ll immediately do it for you.

Event Management

Your events screen will be your dashboard for any events you added. From there you can edit an event, modify its tickets and settings, inspect sales, add/remove attendees, and more. Use it and if you see a feature that’s missing let us know, we’ll do our best to help out.

Once you have made some sales, you will be able to view them on the Sales screen. Just go to your events and follow the links there.

Event ticket sales screen

You can take a look at the attendees of the event as well as remove them from the View Attendees screen.

Attendees screen

Managing Check-ins