How to add events

TL;DR: Go here, but PLEASE read the text below!

To add an event, please go to Add Event. Once you register an account, you’ll have the option to populate some fields after clicking on Add New. Let’s go through these fields now!

Note: a successful addition of an event will net you $3 in Ether. Yes, if you add 100 valid events, you get $300 – and it doesn’t matter if you populated it with a script or manually, as long as the events are blockchain-related, not duplicated, and valid (meetups or conferences, no launches or promo).

Event Title and Description

Title is straightforward, make it clear but descriptive. Best to make it match the actual event name. Description supports rich text and can be as long or as short as you want it. Include schedules, agendas, sponsors, backlinks – whatever you feel like including. The more descriptive an event, the more people it can attract. Feel free to also add images, embeds, and more.

Time and Date

For all day events, select all day event. If an event spans several days but the first and/or last are not all day, that’s fine, still set it as all day. For events with a pre-registration the day before, only include it in the date range if the official event does. If there is a separate pre-event or follow-up event, make a separate entry for it.

Event Image

To make your event stand out, upload an image. An original promo image of the event is best. Make it wider than taller, this becomes the featured image at the top of an event’s single page.

Categories and tags

An event can have both several categories and several tags. Categories are more important. Pick only meetup or conference. This is the main category. Then add any others – like if the meetup has a hackathon too, add a hackathon. Less is better.

For tags enter anything, pick from the list. You cannot add your own right now. Use them sparingly – too many, and your event gets de-prioritized on both the site and SEO in general as too spammy, much like too numerous keywords in website meta tags. Try to keep them under 6.


If the venue the event is taking place at does not exist, create one. First, start typing it into the Venue field. Then once the option “Create venue” appears, click it. This will open additional input fields.

Venue details

Please take care to input the address accurately, as this information is used by the Google Maps Geocoding API to determine coordinates and thereby place the event on the map. The Phone and Website fields are not required.


An organizer is the group or person organizing the event. This can be the same person submitting the event and even the same person speaking at (hosting) the event, but usually isn’t! If an organizer does not exist in the dropdown list, create a new one.

An organizer usually corresponds to the Eventbrite / Meetup group publishing the event. For example, this event is hosted / organized by Austin Bitcoin Developers, despite being hosted by Justin Moon.

A new organizer’s details

Note that none of these fields are required, but an email is preferred so that we can get in touch with the organizer if details need changing etc. A website can be an official one, or a twitter profile, or anything else.

External Link and Language

If you’ve pulled the event in from elsewhere, please add the original link here. Pick a language! Events MUST have a language!

Tickets and RSVP

If an event is free, select Add RSVP, enter the basic attendance name (e.g. I usually use “Basic”), and add capacity if any – leave empty for infinite.

RSVP form

This will let attendees RSVP into the event.

If an event is NOT free, contact us if you’d like to sell tickets through us ( If you’d just like to list it on our site and allow people to search for it but not sell tickets through us, please enter all the tickets you have by adding ticket types, but set capacity to 0. This will allow people to filter the event by price, but will prevent any purchases.

Save your event and it’ll go into Pending. There it will get reviewed and within 24 hours it should show up on the map!

Rewards for submitting events

Each event that has been successfully submitted and hosted (proven by tweets, photos from location, RSVPs via Protea / Kickback) qualifies for a reward of $2 in Ether 7 days after the event ends, sent to the submitter’s wallet. Make sure you get those events in! (Note that to receive eth you need to add an Ethereum address to your profile during registration!) Likewise, we now have a Bounty for adding events which doesn’t have the 7-day restriction.